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Naturally, my hair is very dry. On top of that, I decided to experiment with some coloring, which made my hair feel like a straw. My hair was craving for some #hydrating #mask, so I decided to go with this honey, milk and camellia seed oil mask. These three ingredients were used as beauty products centuries ago. The Queen Cleopatra was bathing in milk and honey baths. Camellia Seed Oil is an ancient Asian beauty secret to the glorious, smooth, sheen hair of the geisha. Milk is the most beneficial protein for your hair-it nourishes and strengthens hair cells. Honey is amazing at attracting and locking the moisture in your hair. Camellia seed oil moisturizes, conditions the hair and provides ExtremeShine to it. ● ½ cup of milk (room temperature)

● 1 tablespoon of honey ● 1 tablespoon of camellia seed oil Mix the milk with the honey. Stir in the honey until fully dissolved and add 1 tablespoon of camellia seed oil. Take a brush or a sponge and apply to your#roots. Pour whatever is left over the your hair, while massaging into hair. Place a shower cap. Leave for 20 minutes. Shampoo as you normally would. Repeat this mask once a week and you will notice the difference. My hair feels soft and shines like silk. Unbelievable!

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